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Security Master Antivirus Review 2021

Security Master is professional antivirus software that is included in the top-ranking of the best antivirus apps for Android. Here is more about its functionality. Antivirus for Android What do you do when you buy a new Android smartphone? First of all, download your favorite applications that you use often. Your list can have a […]

Add all the folders and websites you need to the Avast whitelist
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How to whitelist a program on avast

Learn more about the features of your Avast antivirus. In this article, you will learn how to solve the problem of false file blocking by your antivirus yourself. Why add files to Avast exceptions Avast is a well-known antivirus that is also very popular because of the effective free version. But like other antivirus programs, […]

Antivirus Software For Mac in 2019 - Post Thumbnail
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Antivirus Software For Mac in 2019

Nevertheless, the most effective way to detect these problems and effectively protect your device is to use the special antivirus tool Mac OS X, which performs the task in a short antivirus scan of Mac! It may seem apparent, but worth accentuating! Usage of antivirus programs for Mac will provide protection against malware and spyware […]

Best antivirus for PC - Post Thumbnail
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Best antivirus for PC

Until now, there will never be a noticeable outbreak of malware on cell phones. However, some security merchants offer portable fixes of their security packages. It is sensible to address whether such software is extremely vital without risk of unmistakable infection. Actually, infection in the conventional sense, best antivirus for PC that spread by making […]

Avast use too much CPU - Post Thumbnail
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Avast use too much CPU

The question is, why Avast use too much CPU and how this problem can be solved? Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the part of the computer which is responsible for incoming and outgoing commands. It contains complex circuits. In very simple words, the CPU is responsible to run your system smoothly. When any of your […]

Avast Secure Browser - Post Thumbnail
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Avast Secure Browser

Avast secure browser is the successor of Avast safe zone. This is a chromium based browser and owned by Avast. Its interference is look alike Chrome. Avast is a virtual security provider and counted among the top brands. The reason for its popularity is its unique features. Secure Browser is also one of them. Avast […]