Avast Secure Browser

Avast secure browser is the successor of Avast safe zone. This is a chromium based browser and owned by Avast. Its interference is look alike Chrome.

Avast is a virtual security provider and counted among the top brands. The reason for its popularity is its unique features. Secure Browser is also one of them.

Avast secure browser is developed by security experts. The aim of this browser is to provide a secure environment to users and enhance their security while browsing. This browser has many built-in features. Details of these features are explained below:

Secure VPN ? Pre Installed VPN which helps to browse anonymously but you must have to install Avast VPN component to use this feature.

Antivirus Linked ? Browse is by default linked with Avast antivirus software so it can automatically detect suspicious link to prevent virus and malware attacks.

Anti-Phishing ? Automatically detect phishing and marked as blacklisted sites.

Adblocker – Pre-installed adblocker extensions help to browse faster by blocking the third party scripts. Adblocker is powered by uBlock origin.

Strict HTTPS ? By enabling this feature supported site will be served on HTTPS encryption mode.

Bank Mode ? Keep your data secure when you visit/login on a banking site. This feature only works if you have installed Avast antivirus software.

Privacy ? Built-in extension to stop sites to track you.

Downloader ? You can use built-in downloaded to download different sort of media.

Avast Safe Price ? It is another extension which helps in shopping by providing some other details about products. It also shows the same products by other sellers at different prices.

Security and Privacy Interference

This is the area where you can control your online privacy and security. Here you can see the enabled and disabled extensions. You are allowed to switch on or off pre-installed plugins from this panel.

Speed of Avast Secure Browser

Chrome browser is beloved of the majority around the globe due to its speed and user optimize interface. Although, Avast browser looks similar to the Chrome browser what about speed?

According to our test, Avast secure browser is a little bit slower than Chrome browser. This might be the effect of built-in plugins that have to load each time while refreshing.

Which Type of Sites can be Easily Loaded?

Like other leading browsers, Avast also supports all types of Sites in different programming languages. This experience is similar to Chrome.

It installs by default with Avast antivirus software. Anyhow, if you are not using Avast antivirus and want only Avast browser then you can also install it manually. Follow the procedure of installation

  • Go to the Avast official site and Download secure browser.
  • After completing the download, double click the exe file.
  • Soon the installation will start.
  • After installation, it will ask some permissions, e.g. make it default browser or not. Desktop icon, tray icon, and language. You can check or uncheck as you wish.

Sum Up

Lastly, our experience shows that Avast is a good browser having a nice interface, user optimization, and specific security features.

Especially, it’s security features makes it unique. To use all of its features, we recommend to also use Avast antivirus software otherwise some of the function will not work.

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