AVG Cleaner Pro

Is your phone running slow or you have a lot of unnecessary data in your device and want to delete it to optimize the performance of your Android phones? Then AVG cleaner pro is the right solution for you.

AVG cleaner can help to delete unnecessary files, cache data, messages and calls details, duplicate content and also helps to increase your cell phone’s battery life.

Let’s check out its features:

Clean your Device History

Your all activities save as a list which is referred to as history. This list usually includes call, app, clipboard history. AVG looks for this data and removes it so that your device can run smooth and faster.

Call History ? It includes all the cached data of incoming and outgoing calls. Their time, duration and recordings (if call recording feature is enabled). AVG remove this data type to optimize your phone’s RAM.

App Data ? Whenever, you install an app on your device, it covers some space. After uninstalling an app, some of its files remain on your phone. AVG delete these unnecessary files permanently to increase the storage space.

Browsers Cache Data ? All the browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera store your browsing history and cache files while browsing online. These files sometimes slow down your device especially the web browsers. After removing these files, not only your device but your browsing speed also increases.

Clipboard Cache ? We usually copy and paste data from one to another place within our device. This data is referred to as the clipboard cache and also be stored automatically. Removing this data also enhances your device performance.

Android Applications Advisor and Uninstaller

Your phone storage is being covered with different sort of apps. Our aim is not to discourage any app but some of them might be affecting your phone’s performance. Some of them drain too much battery. AVG looks for these greedy apps and lets you know how these are negatively affecting your devices.

Apps Usage Details ? It shows that how often you use a specific app. It helps you to decide whether you have to keep an app or uninstall it.

Battery Usage ? It tells how much battery an app is using. You can identify the Alps draining too much battery so that you can force stop or uninstall that all.

Storage ? This option tells that how much space an application is covering.

Increase Battery Life

AVG cleaner pro helps to save every Ampere of your cell phone battery. You can use different sort of profiles like home, office, car or low battery. In each option, AVG cleaner pro works differently to save the battery by dealing with backups, brightness, WiFi, data connection, etc.

Duplicate Content Remover

Using AVG cleaner pro, you can find duplicate media in your device and remove then to increase the phone’s storage space.

Summary- List of all Features

  • Increase device speed
  • Remove junk file
  • Clear history, cache, and other unnecessary files
  • Remove duplicate content
  • Identify less useful apps
  • Save every single cell of the battery
  • Regular reminder about the apps that you have not used since a lot of time

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