Avast Cleanup Premium Review

Avast is the leading company in the computer who is providing security software and application. They have more than 400 million users around the globe. Their updates and uniques feature highlight them among their compatriots.

Avast is providing free antivirus software which is very popular among the people ranging from personal to business users. Unfortunately, Avast cleanup is not included with free software. You have to purchase a premium version to use this feature but before purchasing you may want to know about Avast cleanup premium review.

This article will honestly guide about their features, flexibility, negative or positive effect on the system, user behavior and pricing.

Scanning your Devices

Using Avast cleanup/antivirus premium version, you can quickly scan your devices to check any sort of harmful file. Although this feature is also available with the free version but the pro version is faster.

You can go with a quick scan or deep scan. Our tests show that their scanning process is fast and reliable. Anyhow, it also depends on your storage. The more and more files you have, the more time it will take to complete its job.

Fix Problems

This feature does not include the free version. After upgrading to premium, you are allowed to use this function.

Avast will look for the program what is slowing down your PC. I may ask to stop background running programs or it will show that if any of the system programs need an update.

After launching it, you have to start fixing problems. It will scan programs and make a list which is hindering. Then you can choose the option to repair or remove them.

Remove Junk Files

Avast cleanup premium moves the junk files that are not attached with any of your installed programs. It will be helpful to increase device performance and storage space.

Registry Cleaner

The registry is a database which is being used by Windows and other installed programs. Its information does not remove permanently when you uninstall a program, it can cause bloat.

Using Avast cleanup premium, you can easily remove registry data.

Browser Cleaner

Using this feature, you can check the extensions, toolbars, and plugins which are not useful or can cause a security issue. Avast allows for analyzing 25 browsers.

Speed Up Scan

Speed up scan option will detect the programs which are slowing down your PC. It might be the programs running in the background or startup programs, maintenance, and unnecessary programs.

Remove Bloatware

It will remove third-party trials and unwanted toolbars so that your system can be optimized.

Avast Cleanup Premium Price

Although, Avast also provides a free version of cleanup premium it is a trial version. Avast Free antivirus is also available but it lacks many of the advanced features like auto software update, registry issue scanner, and junk files removal.

To use all the features and keep your PC secure & fast, Avast will charge $49.99/year for one PC. Anyhow, you can buy it on discount prices if purchased for multiple devices.

You can also purchase the driver updater for $24.99 and their VPN whose annual price is $39.99 for multiple devices.

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