Security Master Antivirus Review 2021

Security Master is professional antivirus software that is included in the top-ranking of the best antivirus apps for Android. Here is more about its functionality.

Antivirus for Android

What do you do when you buy a new Android smartphone? First of all, download your favorite applications that you use often. Your list can have a lot of social media stuff like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. And also – your favorite games, photo editing software, and file sharing. But have you ever thought about the security of your smartphone?

Antivirus remains one of the most popular types of applications on Android. Regardless of whether they are needed or not, this topic is constantly discussed. As a rule, an antivirus is not required if you follow the security rules, download everything from the Play Market, and enable the settings necessary to protect against viruses. However, some like to take risks and do not.

What is Security Master Antivirus?

Security Master is an updated antivirus from the Cheetah Mobile development team that allows you to protect your mobile device 100% and speed up its operation. It is a high-quality resource for keeping your privacy on Android. With its help, it is easy and simple to reliably protect the operating system from potential Internet threats. The problem is that malicious agents are capable of infiltrating the user’s personal computer or other devices from where they entered the Internet.

Main functions include:

  • Antivirus easily finds Trojans, viruses, and other spyware that can infect your phone.
  • Junk cleaner that removes unnecessary files, thus speeding up your phone.
  • Clearing background loading. The cleaning wizard stops applications that are hanging in the background and consuming unnecessary energy. This helps to optimize the smartphone performance and speed up its performance.
  • SafeConnect VPN is a feature that helps you bypass local bans and visit any sites you want. The proxy server can now be changed to change the IP address and access the sites you want.
  • Convenient App Lock: You can protect your data by using a PIN or fingerprint scanner to launch any application.
  • Geolocation: If your smartphone is lost or stolen, you can quickly find it. You can also lock your phone to prevent attackers from gaining access to your information.

Security Master not only protects users from online threats but also integrates powerful anti-theft features. They can help you find your device or protect your data, even if your device is stolen or lost. However, this feature is only available in Security Master Premium. The anti-theft toolbox can help you find your device, turn on an alarm from your phone, or erase all data remotely.

The Security Master VPN service allows users to change their IP address and access it anonymously on the Internet. Your browsing history and personal information are safe. In the free version, users only have 200MB of data per day. If you want an unlimited experience, you need to upgrade to the paid version of the app.

How to set up?

When connecting the application for the first time, select the required protection settings and activate them. Connect online protection. The settings can be changed as needed. The application provides a special scanner that intelligently analyzes the memory of a mobile phone. Monitoring of a memory card and a SIM card of a smartphone is carried out in a similar way. If it detects potentially dangerous software, the mobile client helps to quickly eliminate it and prevent possible consequences. Protect yourself from viruses now!