Everything You Need to Know about Document sharing Software

Electronic document management is a set of processes for creating, processing, managing, transmitting, receiving, storing, using, and destroying electronic documents, which are performed using integrity checking and, if necessary, confirming the receipt of such documents.

Important Facts about Document Sharing Software

Advantages of the electronic online data room:

  • one-time registration of the document;
  • parallel execution of various operations to reduce the time of movement of documents and increase the efficiency of their execution;
  • continuity of document movement;
  • a single database of documentary information for centralized storage of documents, which eliminates duplication of documents;
  • effectively organized document search system.

Powerful real-time information retrieval is built into our cloud document management software, so you can search documents not only by file name and metadata, such as keywords but also by file content thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Now there is a thorough search in PDFs, Docx files, or even screenshots and photos of documents!

Set up and receive automatic notifications of changes to documents, folders, or sections as often as you choose, at the time of the change, or by grouped notifications once a day or weekly. Every time someone adds or deletes a file or information, you will know who did what and when.

You can download a new version of the document and save the existing metadata and all previous versions of the file, which are always easy to restore with one click.

The Most Popular Document Sharing Software Services

“Paperless” is a service for companies and entrepreneurs to exchange documents with each other in electronic form. This is a free service that works correctly with the EDS of all major CCAs of Ukraine, including keys issued by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice, etc. You do not need to install additional software to use it. To use it correctly, all you need to do is install the browser application and register.

All documents are stored in triplicate on independent servers, which is a 100% guarantee that nothing will happen to these documents. In addition, for additional insurance, it is possible to download documents to your computer. It is also planned to add the function of synchronizing documents with Dropbox and GoogleDrive services soon.

Unlike the previous one, the “Document.Online” service is conditionally free. This means that there is a tariff that allows you to use the service for free, but it has a limit on the number of documents that can be used during the month. This service allows you to download documents, create templates for later use, exchange documents or send them to multiple recipients. Document.Online supports work with all accredited key certification centers in Ukraine. “Document.Online” can be installed on any stationary or mobile device that has access to the Internet, regardless of the operating system installed on it.

Documents are stored on Microsoft Azure servers. Access to documents is guaranteed at the level of 99.98%. This means that there is only a break in access to data for 5 minutes a month. Microsoft Azure servers are automatically connected. Due to multiple copies of data, the probability of losing them in the event of failure of one of the servers is negligible. Even in the event of physical destruction of the media, the data will be restored within an hour.